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Family Law

Marital Issues

Marital Issues, Premarital Agreements

Marriage, Divorce, Prenuptial Agreeements, Establishing Premarital Agreements, Resolving Premarital Agreement Disputes

Friendly Divorce

Uncontested Divorce, Mutually Agreed Legal Separation, etc.

Contested Divorce

Contested Divorce, Child Custody, Property Disputes, Protective Orders, Child Protective Services, CPS Order Enforcement or Defense, etc.


Don't Wait Too Long! Find out about Annulments instead of a Divorce

Child Custody, Child Support

Standard Visitation Schedule, Child Support Issues, Grandparent's Rights, Spousal Support, Alimony

Proof of Paternity, Adoptions

DNA Testing, Establishing Paternity, Enforcing Parental Rights, Father's Rights, Child Adoptions, Children Rights, Standard Visitiation Schedule, Child Protective Services

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Child Custody, Contested Divorce, Scheduled Visitation, Annulmnets, Parental Rights, Marriage Dissolution, Grandparent's Rights, Legal Separation, Child Adoptions, Property Settlement, Marital Issues, Premarital Agreements, Friendly Divorce, Proof of Paternity, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury and Business Law

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